Edition 34: Quibi

Got a few minutes?

My son is sitting inches from me playing. I pull out my phone to check out Quibi. The new streaming video by Hollywood + Silicon Valley with episodes being 10 minutes or shorter.

There’s a show with Hemsworth. Thinking its Chris Hemsworth, I steal a few seconds to play it. The episodes are 10 minutes or shorter. The entire time I am confused that this dude kinda looks like Thor but doesn’t really… till I realize it’s his younger brother.

It’s perfect for me. I hardly have 30-40 minutes to sit down these days so Quibi provides a format that fits perfectly. Even though it’s said to be competing against Youtube/TikTok - I think it misses the point. Its more HBO/Netflix Prime territory with its A list stars + directors/producers, not phone shot funny cat videos. Maybe I show my age but I don’t even care about TikTok.

I am no media analyst but I do have opinions. I think Quibi could have a massive market amongst parents - especially during the quarantine.

What I am eagerly awaiting though is marketers tasked with ‘What can marketers learn from Quibi’ posts or chopping their webinars into 10 min videos for mobile (vertical video) but missing the point - Quibi is entertainment with a lot of firepowers. Folks like Steven Spielberg are making shows for the service with the celebrity status to go with it.

Note: Not sure how but my LinkedIn post got featured. Not sure how many folks actually read it but that’s new.

If you are in media buying / paid social:

Keeping it short instead of forcing the writing & Quibi is waiting.

Stay healthy.