Starting Backwards

On starting 42+ Agency

I always wanted to start something but my focus had been a product company. So without any great ideas to go by and a couple of failed ones in the past, I ultimately shelved the whole concept.

Until Nov 8th 2017.

Felix was born at 6:28am.

I realized something when I held him in my arms for the first time. I want him to grow up with options. Options about how he wants to make a living. An option I could show him by doing it myself.

Secondly, I realized to start my own business, I didn’t have to have a software product. I am the product that I can sell. My time and expertise in marketing.

So here I am today. Starting up what I call a micro agency, 42+

Micro because it’s just me, for now and I also want to stay away from full-service agencies that already exist. The idea is to focus on a handful of core service offerings and build it from there. Here’s what I have for now:

  • Drift Package: Because Drift is doing fantastic marketing and I have learned alot from my experience using the product.

  • Intercom Package: After doing it for a bunch of people, admiring the product & company + the platform approach they have, I am thinking about offering it as a service.

  • Databox: Admire the company, use it for current clients and I am exploring how I can package it into a service offering around analytics. Or would it be part of the other work, in the background.

  • Hubspot + Marketo + Pardot (Marketing Automation) Strategy + Implementation: This is what I’ve been doing alot.

  • Performance Advertising: Focusing on Facebook for now, I see it as a massive under-utilized channel for B2B SaaS companies and I’ve seen success doing it for a bunch of folks (B2B + B2C)

So why did I name this post starting backwards?

I started without a website, a logo or even a plan. I had clients though.

The website is a work in progress based off a simple WP template the logo isn’t a priority. Pipeline & cashflow is, so that’s where my focus is.

In the past when I tried something new, I had to get the logo just right, I had to tweak the CSS to make the aligment perfect. What I never realized back then was none of that matters if no-one gives a shit. Find some people who give a shit and then build from there. This isn’t news, but it is a personal realization.